What to Expect

What to expect from your experience:

Your first visit will be a full 90-minutes, so that I can truly get to know you, your symptoms, and your health and/or performance goals. I may suggest basic lab work or more specialized testing to help us better understand your hormones, genomics, nutritional status, etc. When you choose to work with me, know that you are choosing to partner with me in achieving your health goals, rather than surrendering your health over to me (as we have been taught with the conventional medical paradigm). I will meet where you are in your health journey, and provide you with treatments, nutrients, herbs, and counseling, as necessary to help build up your body, mind, and spirit for optimal healing.

What to expect from me:

You can expect a balance of being compassionate and intuitive, while also being direct, honest, and objective. My goal is to help you heal, and if I find we are straying from the intent in our visit, I will gently get us back on track. You can expect me to be fully present with you during our visits together. I try to build in time in between patients to allow me to rest, and re-center, before working with my next patient. This way, each patient has my full attention and presence.

How I work:

I listen to your health story to understand the whole picture of your health concern, and you, as a person. A functional physical exam will be performed in either my Louisville, CO or Lyons, CO office to assist me in understanding your health status.

I review blood work from a functional/optimal standpoint, which may be different than the normal reference ranges from the lab. In some situations, I may request special blood work to help us understand your environmental health burden, hormonal status, genomic status. All of this information will help us understand how we can best support your body.

I work with LabCorp for ordering basic labs, and also work with the following companies for specialized testing: Precision Analytical (DUTCH test), Doctor’s Data, the DNA Company, SpectraCell Laboratories, Melisa Diagnostics and Genova Diagnostics.

All of my treatment recommendations are individualized to you, depending on your unique needs. My treatment recommendations may include one or more of the following:

  • An individualized dietary plan including avoidance of foods that you do not digest well.

  • A homeopathic remedy to improve your vitality.

  • A detoxification program to decrease the body burden of environmental toxicants.

  • An exercise program, tailored to you, to help you increase blood flow to your vital organs and boost your metabolism.

  • An exercise prescription or modifications to your current training plan to help optimize your health and performance. In addition to standard exercise methods, Dr. April is trained in a revolutionary exercise program called Revolution in Motion™ directed at the elasticity in your connective tissue to help correct postural imbalances and to improve nervous system function.

  • A custom-formulated herbal tincture or tea to support the body as it heals.

  • Bodywork, Fascial Manipulation® or craniosacral therapy to balance soft tissue and the spine, leading to freedom of restrictions and reduced pain.

  • Hydrotherapy sessions, which help to move the flow of lymph and revitalize the blood, enhancing the immune system and sports recovery.

  • Biofeedback session to learn to get in a state of ease and flow, almost instantly, through the use of breath.

  • Mind-body work including a focused dialogue to help you understand whether a belief pattern could be manifesting as illness in your body. The technique that I am using is called Holistic Counseling created by Dr. Moshe Daniel Block. I am currently training to be a certified Holistic Counseling practitioner, but can be effective at helping people already.

Healing is a journey. For some, healing may begin after the first session. For others, it may take several sessions. Your body has its own unique pace that cannot be rushed. I ask that you stay patient and trust your body in this process.