When I was a little girl we would drive an hour each way to see my pediatrician, a famous female doctor in North Georgia who practiced medicine until she retired from full time work at the age of 103. We were not the only ones who drove from miles around to see her. She had a wealth of knowledge, a combination of old wisdom and new medicine. She helped keep us healthy throughout our childhood. She was the kind of doctor who quite literally comes around once in a lifetime.

Something tells me April Graham is going to be just as influential in her field. I was apprehensive about going to someone who was just beginning her practice because I have been through the gamut of doctors, both ‘natural’ and ‘conventional’ and I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to help us. She has absolutely been able to help us go from long nights of no sleep with asthma coughs and wheezing, to nights of sleeping peacefully with even breathers all around. She worked with the advice we were given and the conventional medicine, which was what I wanted because I have had several family members with asthma. But she also helped us pinpoint what was causing the asthma attacks. We still have an inhaler on hand but we haven’t had to use at night anymore, and I credit April Graham with helping us sleep through the night.

What I loved most what that she already seemed to have a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, and the way certain foods, herbs, or medicine interact with each other and the body. She is a wonderful, kind woman, and she is clearly in line with her calling. If you haven’t spent time with her I highly recommend her as a practitioner, she is worth every cent. And we paid out of pocket so I can say that from experience!

Thanks again!!!
— Anonymous ~ Maple Valley, WA
Dr. April is amazing. She’s like a modern day home town doctor. She spends ample time with you, getting to know you as a whole before treating you. She works to get to the root cause of a health problem. Her philosophy for care and treatment are so refreshing. She even called on the weekend to check in and see how we were doing, even offering to see us on a Sunday. Have you ever had your doctor do that?! We certainly have not. Her office is clean and professional while also homey and cozy. She makes you tea and sits down with you like a friend while chatting about your concerns. She is not in a hurry and actively listens. Dr. April is genuine and knowledgeable. Her office is convenient for locals who don’t want the traffic headache that comes with driving into Seattle or Bellevue. A Naturopathic doctor in Black Diamond feels like a blast from the past, when physicians cared about treating patients and providing comprehensive care. Her office is near Ten Trails. I would recommend Dr. April to a friend or family member and have now had her see nearly ever member of my family. Thank you April for such a wonderful experience and mindful care.
— Seattle Mom
I’ve had so many issues that my regular doctors I had for years were not able to pinpoint and since coming here I have begun to feel so much better and find out the reasons why I was feeling so awful. She has worked with me to assure that the treatment I receive is the best to address all my issues. I have been very happy with my treatment. I will definitely be a long time patient!
— S. ~ Maple Valley, WA