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hormone balance

Are you feeling more tired than normal?

Is your metabolism changing?

Are you experiencing acne or dry skin?

Have you been running on empty for too long?

Are you struggling with anxiety or depression?

Dr. April will order the most comprehensive lab testing to understand what is happening with your hormones and build an optimal treatment protocol. No more wasting money on unnecessary supplements!

Photo by dusanpetkovic/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by dusanpetkovic/iStock / Getty Images


Are you struggling with a chronic injury?

Have you tried ‘everything’ and are still in pain?

Do you believe that your body CAN heal?

Are you tired of popping pain medication pills?

Are you recovering slower than you used to?

Work with a naturopathic doctor who is also an exercise physiologist and endurance athlete. Dr. April treats you as a whole person, reducing the amount of providers you need to see. Injury assessment, natural pain management, bodywork, sports psychology, coaching and recovery all by the same provider.


Does your child have chronic eczema?

Has your child been diagnosed with asthma?

Does your child have chronic ear infections?

Does your child have tummy issues?

Is your child going through a difficult transition?

Dr. April has had great success treating children with chronic conditions using homeopathy, herbal medicine, and dietary changes. Dr. April works with your pediatrician to ensure that your child has the best of worlds, both conventional and naturopathic medicine.